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As a designer and producer of functional ceramics I focus on the experience of the useful object. The challenge in creating complex and geometric forms inspires my initial process of design. I draw inspiration from geometric abstraction and architectural elements with a formal focus in composition. The way that hands will grasp each object informs the shapes and surface treatments I use.

I limit myself to simple variation of squares, circles, and triangles for use in form and glaze work. Working in both subtractive and additive ways creates seemingly endless possibilities of composition. Because of this I find myself in a constant state of experimentation. Much of my work is first thrown on the wheel and then altered or assembled. I use molds and hand building techniques to achieve sharp lines and precise forms. Creating various planes on a three-dimensional object provides different perspectives when addressing the surface with glaze.

The glazing process is a time to reflect on each form. I use a variety of gloss and matte glazes to address the functional and sensory aspects of utilitarian ceramics. I glaze the surface of each object with geometric shapes of vivid color to bring harmony to the form and strengthen the composition. This attention to design and tactile elements is meant to enhance the experience of the useful object.


Logan Wall is currently an artist in residence at the Clay Art Center in Port Chester, New York where she is a ceramics instructor with a strong studio practice. Logan received her Bachelors of Fine Arts degree from the University of North Florida where she discovered her interest in clay. From 2013-2014 Logan worked as the UNF Ceramics Studio Lab Assistant, furthering her efficiency in studio practices. Her work was featured in the Exposure Section of the December 2015 Issue of Ceramics Monthly. As an artist Logan is interested in functional objects with a strong focus on design. She is intrigued by the unique interaction each user will experience with her work.